SB 532
Modifies provisions relating to educational and medical consent provided by relative caregivers
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7/9/2014 - Signed by Governor
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August 28, 2014
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Current Bill Summary

SS/SCS/SB 532 - This act allows relative caregivers, acting under an affidavit, to consent to medical treatment and educational services for a minor child with whom such caregiver lives if consent of the legal parent or guardian cannot be obtained through reasonable efforts. A parent may also delegate such consent authority to the relative caregiver in writing. Nothing in the act shall be construed to create a cause of action against a relative caregiver who has complied with the provisions of this act.

"Relative caregiver" is defined as a competent adult who is related by blood, marriage or adoption, who is not the legal parent or guardian and who represents in the affidavit that the child lives with the adult and that the adult is responsible for the care of the child. "Educational Services" are defined as enrollment of a child in a school to which the child has been or will be accepted for attendance and participation in any school activities, including extracurricular activities.

The act specifies the required information that must be contained in the affidavit and provides that the affidavit shall expire after one year. The current provision specific to consent for immunizations of a child is repealed and replaced with provisions relating to relative caregivers providing educational and medical consent.