SB 575 Modifies and repeals a number of existing, expired or obsolete committees as well as creating the new Joint Committee on the Justice System
Sponsor: Dixon
LR Number: 4166H.06T Fiscal Note available
Committee: Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight
Last Action: 9/10/2014 - No motion to override Governor's veto Journal Page: S91 / H176
Title: HCS SS SB 575 Calendar Position:
Effective Date: August 28, 2014
House Handler: Haahr

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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SS/SB 575 - This act repeals a number of committees that have dissolved or expired as required by their authorizing statutes. The defunct committees are the Advisory Committee on Tobacco Securitization (section 8.597); Joint Committee on Corrections (21.400 to 21.465); Joint Committee on Capital Improvements and Leases Oversight (21.530 to 21.537); Joint Committee on Terrorism, Bioterrorism, and Homeland Security (21.800); Joint Committee on Urban Agriculture (21.801); Joint Committee on the Missouri Criminal Code review of sexual offender registry (21.835); Joint Committee on Solid Waste Management District Operations (21.850); Joint Committee on the Reduction and Reorganization of Programs within State Government (21.910); Joint Committee on Missouri's Promise (21.920); Missouri Investment Trust and its board (30.953 to 30.971); Joint Subcommittee on Recovery Accountability and Transparency (33.850); Committee on State-operated Wireless Communications Systems (37.250); the SB 844 (2010) version of a section that created the Missouri Ethics Commission (105.955); the Children's Vision Commission (167.195); Alzheimer's State Plan Task Force (191.115); Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee (191.934); Technical Advisory Committee on the Quality of Patient Care and Nursing Practices (197.291); Coordinating Council on Special Transportation (208.275); State Commission on Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing (215.261 and 215.262); Farm-to-Table Advisory Board (262.950); the Advisory Committee on License Plate Design (301.129); Joint Committee on Gaming and Wagering (313.001); Missouri Oral Chemotherapy Parity Interim Committee (338.321); Health Care Stabilization Fund Feasibility Board (383.250); doubly enacted version of Court Automation Committee (476.055); Joint Committee on Economic Development Policy and Planning (620.602); and the Review Committee for Purchasing within the Department of Mental Health (630.461).

The act also repeals a joint legislative committee that was created to oversee the destruction of certain documents by the Commissioner of Administration, the Division of Finance, and the Public Service Commission. A provision of law allowing the parent of a home schooled child to file a statement with the recorder of deeds declaring the intent to home school the child is repealed. (167.042).

The Joint Committee on Tax Policy shall assume certain duties of the Joint Committee on Economic Development Policy and Planning regarding approval of enterprise zone designations. (135.210, 135.230). The standing Senate and House committees with jurisdiction over corrections issues shall assume certain duties of the Joint Committee on Corrections. (217.025, 217.550, 217.567).

The act provides that the Entrepreneurial Development Council shall sunset on December 31, 2015 (620.050). The program to distribute grants to multi-jurisdictional internet crime law enforcement task forces is re-authorized until December 31, 2024. The program had expired on June 5, 2012. The act removes language requiring the General Assembly to appropriate three million dollars annually to the Cyber Crime Investigation Fund. (650.120).

The act creates a permanent joint committee of the General Assembly to be known as the Joint Committee on the Justice System. The Committee shall consist of members of the General Assembly and three ex officio members. The Committee is charged with reviewing of all aspects of the state's justice system and making any recommendations for legislative change to the General Assembly. A permanent subcommittee of the Committee shall be established to periodically review the criminal code. An advisory committee is established to aid the subcommittee, consisting of representatives of the Missouri Supreme Court, the Attorney General, and other individuals known to be interested in the improvement of the state's criminal laws. (21.880).

The act modifies the existing Joint Committee on Government Accountability by renaming the committee as the Joint Committee on Oversight and Government Accountability. The Committee is charged with analyzing the operations and performance of all branches of state government, including management of state programs, procurement of goods and services, leases of real property, and construction, repair and maintenance of state capital improvements project. The Committee is also charged with making recommendations to the General Assembly on legislative action to reorganize state government. The Committee shall review state departments and statewide office holders according to a schedule set forth in the act. (21.820).

Currently, the membership of the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight includes seven members from each of the House and Senate transportation committees. This act provides that the Committee shall be composed of seven members of the Senate and seven members of the House of Representatives. No fewer than four of the members from each body must be members of a standing transportation committee in the respective body. The chair of the committee shall alternate every other year between the chair of the Senate Transportation Committee and the House Transportation Committee. (21.795).

Currently, the State Mental Health Commission includes one member who is a physician recognized as an expert in the evaluation or habilitation of persons with disabilities. This act provides that such member shall be a physician, licensed clinical psychologist, or other licensed clinician recognized as an expert in the evaluation or treatment of persons with disabilities. (630.010).

This act amends the Joint Committee on MO HealthNet to have as its duty the continuing study and analysis of the MO HealthNet program. The committee shall meet at least three times a year and the committee may remove a member who misses three consecutive meetings. The committee is authorized to hire an employee or enter into employment contracts. The compensation of such personnel and the expenses of the committee shall be paid from the joint contingent fund. (208.952). The act also repeals the MO HealthNet Oversight Committee in section 208.955.

The act modifies the provisions of the Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) Review Board. This act requires the board members to objectively decide whether a preponderance of the evidence establishes that an individual is responsible for child abuse or neglect. The Board shall act independently of the Children's Division, but may receive training from the Division or the Department of Social Services.

Current law requires each CAN Review Board that is created to consist of nine members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate consisting of four specific professionals and four suggested professionals. This act no longer requires that the members consist of the specified professionals. Board members must be residents of Missouri and the term of office shall be three years. This act also provides that no current employee of the Department of Social Services shall serve on a CAN Review board. (210.153).

Currently, the Oversight Division of the Joint Committee on Legislative Research must perform an actuarial analysis on any new or revised health care benefit mandate proposed by the General Assembly. This act provides that such an analysis on a proposed new or revised mandate must be conducted on any such mandate enacted by the General Assembly and a recommendation shall be delivered to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President Pro Tem of the Senate prior to July 1st of the year following its enactment. (376.190). This provision is identical to a provision of HB 1883 (2014).

This act contains provisions that are similar to SB 66 (2013).