House Committee Substitute

HCS/SCS/SB 664 - This act modifies provision relating to natural resources.

WATER SUPPLIERS (Section 247.680) - This act provides that if a water main of a water supplier needs to be extended in order to connect residential water lines to a water main, the property owner shall not be charged or liable for more than the cost of extending the supplier's smallest required pipe size.

This provision is identical to a provision contained in HB 1946 (2014).

NEW TIRE FEE (Section 260.273) - This act extends the expiration date for the fee imposed on new tires sold in this state from 2015 to 2020.

This provision is identical to HB 1953 (2014).

SURFACE MINING (Section 444.772) - Currently, proposals to operate surface mines require that operators send a notice of intent to operate a surface mine to landowners with real property that is immediately contiguous or adjacent from the proposed mine plan area. This act requires that notice also be sent to all real property landowners within one-half mile of the proposed mine plan area.

This provision is identical to SB 642 (2014) and HCS/HB 1201 (2014).

WATER FLUORIDATION (Section 640.136) - This act requires any public water system or public water supply district to notify the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Health and Senior Services, and their customers if they intend to cease fluoridation of its water supply. The notification shall be in a time and manner as set forth in this act. If notification requirements are not observed by the system or district, they shall reinstate fluoridation until proper notification of fluoridation cessation is provided.

This provision has an emergency clause.

This provision is identical to the perfected HCS/HB 1078 (2014).

AIR CONSERVATION COMMISSION (Section 643.055) - This act bans the Department of Natural Resources from regulating the manufacturing, performance, or use of residential wood burning heaters through a state implementation plan unless authorized by the General Assembly and approved by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. Under this act, any new regulations on such wood burning heaters shall not apply to existing heaters.

This provision is identical to HCS/HB 1302 (2014).

AIR CONSERVATION COMMISSION (Section 643.640) - This act requires the Air Conservation Commission to develop carbon dioxide emission standards for existing generation plants. In developing such standards, the Commission shall consider the remaining useful life of the existing plant and the overall economic impact of implementing new emission standards. The Commission may develop emission standards less stringent, but not more stringent, than federal emission guidelines, or longer compliance schedules than those required by federal regulations based upon certain factors as set forth in this act.

This provision is identical to SCS/HCS/HB 1631 and is similar to SB 965 (2014).

CLEAN WATER COMMISSION (Section 644.058) - This act modifies the authority of the Clean Water Commission so that it may only revise water quality standards upon completion of an assessment by the Department of Natural Resources finding that there is an environmental need for such revision. In implementing revised water quality standards modifications of 25% or more, the Department of Natural Resources shall also conduct an evaluation as set forth in this act. The Department shall use these evaluations in making site-specific permit decisions.

This provision is identical to a provision contained in SCS/SB 968 (2014) and is similar to HCS/HB 1074 (2014).


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