Missouri State Senate


SB 759 - This act creates the Missouri Parent/Teacher Involvement Program to provide grant awards to schools to develop and build trusting relationships between families and school staff. The goal of the program is to contribute to the academic and social success of pupils. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education must coordinate and administer the program.

Schools serving grades K-12 must operate programs that meet the following requirements: at least fifty percent of the staff employed at the school site must voluntarily agree to participate in either home visits or in community meetings; prior to the commencement of home visits, a school must establish a compact in which parents and legal guardians agree to participate in periodic home visits or community meetings; a teacher who participates in the program must receive certain training, as described in the act; school personnel must be compensated for their participation in home visits or community visits, as described in the act; and all home visits and community meetings must be conducted by a pair or team that includes at least one staff member.

Beginning with school year 2015-2016, each school board must adopt a policy on parental involvement in the schools of the district. The policy must be designed to build consistent and effective communication between the parents and guardians of district pupils and the teachers and administrators. The policy must provide the opportunity for parents and guardians to be actively involved in the pupil's education, as described in the act.

The provisions of this act will sunset in six years unless reauthorized.

This act is substantially similar to HB 904 (2013).