SB 745 - This act modifies the statutes regarding concealed carry permits.

The size of the concealed carry permit is changed under this act.

This act requires the Missouri Sheriff Methamphetamine Relief Task force, or MoSMART, to create and maintain a statewide concealed carry permit system that is accessible to sheriffs and law enforcement agencies. Current law requires sheriffs to report certain information regarding concealed carry permit holders to the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System or MULES. This act requires such information to be reported to the new concealed carry permit system.

Current law provides that information reported and retained regarding concealed carry permits shall not be batch processed for query. This act provides that information retained in the concealed carry system shall not be distributed to any federal, state, or private entities, however, sheriffs may access the concealed carry permit system to issue permits, verify permit holder information, change permit holder information, and suspend, revoke, or cancel a permit.

Under this act, the official to whom a concealed carry endorsement or permit was surrendered when suspended or revoked must change the status of the endorsement or permit in the concealed carry system.

This act repeals a provision requiring a sheriff to notify a person when such person's permit or endorsement is expired and cancelled.

Procedures for when a permit holder changes his or her address are modified.

Current law requires automatic invalidation of a permit or endorsement after 30 days if a permit holder has changed his or her name or address and not notified the sheriff. Under this act, the permit or endorsement is automatically invalid after 180 days. This act requires a person to notify the sheriff of a name or address change within 30 days and allows the sheriff to impose a late penalty of $10 per month for each month the person fails to notify the sheriff.

Under current law, qualified firearms safety instructors cannot have more than 40 students in a classroom. This act provides that such instructors cannot have more than 40 students per instructor in the classroom. In addition, this act modifies a provision allowing firearms safety instructors to register with the sheriff in the county in which the instructor resides.


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