SB 707 Modifies the definitions of "all-terrain vehicle," "recreational off-highway vehicle," and "utility vehicle"
Sponsor: Wasson
LR Number: 4810H.09C Fiscal Note available
Committee: Transportation and Infrastructure
Last Action: 5/16/2014 - S Calendar S Bills with H Amendments--SS for SCS for SB 707-Wasson, with HCS, as amended Journal Page:
Title: HCS SS SCS SB 707 Calendar Position: 6
Effective Date: August 28, 2014
House Handler: Guernsey

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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SS/SCS/SB 707 - This act modifies various provisions relating to motor vehicles.


This act modifies the definitions of "all-terrain vehicle," "recreational off-highway vehicle," and "utility vehicle." For all-terrain vehicles, the requirements that the vehicle have handlebars for steering and the seat requirement have been removed. For recreational off-highway vehicles the allowable width has been changed from less than 64 inches to between 50 inches and 67 inches. For utility vehicles the allowable width has been changed from less than 63 inches to between 50 inches and 67 inches and allowable weight of the utility vehicle has been increased from 1850 pounds to 2,000 pounds or less to match the recreational off-highway vehicle.

This act also provides that owners of all-terrain vehicles classified as utility vehicles or recreational off-highway vehicles prior to August 28, 2014, can present a notarized bill of sale as evidence of lawful ownership for purposes of applying for title if a certificate of title has not been previously issued.


This act also specifies that the Department of Revenue can only issue a junking certificate for a motor vehicle that has been designated as junk or any substantially equivalent designation, regardless of whether the designation was made in Missouri or any other state. The department cannot issue a salvage certificate or an original certificate of title if the motor vehicle has been designated as junk in any state. If a vehicle has not previously been designated as junk or any other substantially equivalent designation from any state, an applicant making the original junking certification application must be allowed to rescind the application within 90 days by surrendering the junking certificate and applying for a salvage certificate of title in the applicant's name.


This act creates new requirements for towing companies operating tow trucks. The new requirements include displaying the business address in a location visible from the street, minimum two thousand square feet of vehicle storage space, minimum seven foot fencing around the vehicle storage space, minimum business hours for viewing and retrieval of stored vehicles, and maintaining a published and operational telephone and telephone number. This act also adds Franklin county to the exempted county list.


This act changes the laws regarding motor vehicle height and weight limits for the commercial zones in the city of Columbia. The act creates a 15-foot height limitation and a 22,400 pound weight limitation for any motor vehicle within the commercial zone of Columbia. The commercial zone extends from the city limits along U.S. Highway 63 for 8 miles, and extends east from the city limits along State Route WW to the intersection of State Route J and continues south on State Route J for four miles.


This act also exempts sales of motorcycles and motorized vehicles sold by powersports dealers, including motortricycles, motorized bicycles, all-terrain vehicles, recreational off-highway vehicles, utility vehicles, and personal watercraft, from the prohibition of motor vehicles sales on Sundays. Dealers of motorcycles and powersports motor vehicle dealers would not be subject to criminal penalties for selling motorcycles and powersports motor vehicles on a Sunday.

This act contains provisions identical to HB 2163 (2014) and HCS/HB 2139 (2014) and provisions substantially similar to SB 851 (2014) and SB 791 (2014).