Bills Sponsored by Senator Wasson

SB 19 - Extends the sunset on the residential dwelling accessibility tax credit and modifies the allocation of tax credit cap from another tax credit program to this program
SB 101 - Prohibits florists from including a geographic reference in their name or advertising if they are not physically located at that place
SB 147 - Requires a health carrier that provides coverage for prescription eye drops to cover a refill without regard to a restriction for an early refill if it is authorized by the prescribing health care provider
SB 148 - Modifies provisions relating to the issuance of junking certificates and salvage motor vehicle titles
SB 234 - Requires an applicant for a marital and family therapist license to show a master's or doctoral degree from a Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy accredited program
SB 248 - Modifies provisions relating to neighborhood improvement districts and delinquent property taxes
SB 280 - Designates a bridge on United States Highway 65 in Greene County as the "Missouri Fallen Soldiers Memorial Bridge"
SB 281 - Prohibits health carriers from contractually requiring dentists to provide non-covered dental services at an established fee
SB 282 - Modifies various provisions relating to the regulation of motor vehicles
SB 302 - Modifies provisions regarding medications, the regulation of food production, and contracts between health carriers and optometrists
SB 303 - Adds four classes of pharmacy permits
SB 304 - Allows the Board of Healing Arts to indefinitely restrict an athletic trainer's license or revoke a license
SB 305 - Specifies examination requirements for physicians who graduated before or after January 1, 1994
SB 306 - Allows the Board of Pharmacy to test the drugs possessed by licensees
SB 330 - Modifies provisions relating to professional licenses
SB 370 - Adds additional causes for which the Board of Nursing may file a complaint, and allows the Board to request an emergency suspension of a license
SB 413 - Adds comprehensive day services rehabilitation as a covered service under the MO HealthNet
SB 445 - Requires homeowner insurance companies to offer sinkhole coverage
HB 58 - Modifies the law regarding portable electronics insurance coverage
HB 117 - Modifies the law relating to initiative and referendum petitions
HB 315 - Modifies various provisions relating to the provision of health care services
HB 346 - Prohibits health carriers from contractually requiring dentists to provide non-covered dental services at an established fee
HB 428 - Modifies law regarding the issuance of salvage titles and registration of vehicles
HB 429 - Requires Department of Revenue to notify insurers of any discovered motor vehicle owners and lienholders so that insurers can notify owners and lienholders of their intent to obtain salvage titles or junking certificates
HB 625 - Modifies provisions relating to collaborative practice arrangements
HB 813 - Creates a new program for disbursing grants through Early Stage Business Development Corporations
HB 986 - Extends sunset provision on the Ticket to Work Program to August 28, 2019

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