Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Richard

SB 10 - Creates a tax credit to attract amateur sporting events to the state
SB 112 - Modifies provisions relating to tax incentives
SB 176 - Designates the new bridge on Interstate 70 crossing the Mississippi River as the "Stan Musial Memorial Bridge" and designates a portion of Interstate 70 as the "Andy Gammon Memorial Highway"
SB 179 - Creates an income tax deduction for purchases of new homes
SB 182 - Eliminates state and local use taxes on motor vehicle sales and modifies state and local sales taxes on such purchases
SB 207 - Allows electric corporations to recover costs for infrastructure replacement projects
SB 365 - Modifies what is a considered to be a franchise between alcohol wholesalers and suppliers
SB 366 - Creates the Rebuild Damaged Infrastructure Program, transfers moneys between certain funds, and creates a tax exemption for disaster relief services

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