Bills assigned to General Laws

SB 37 - Wallingford - Designates each March 27th as "Medical Radiation Safety Awareness Day"
SB 72 - Schaefer - Designates the month of May as "Motorcycle Awareness Month" and designates December 4th as "Pallister-Killian Syndrome (PKS) Day"
SB 75 - Brown - Modifies provisions relating to public safety
SB 97 - Schaefer - Modifies the formula for determining how much money certain tobacco product manufacturers who are not participating in the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement receive back from escrow funds
SB 101 - Wasson - Prohibits florists from including a geographic reference in their name or advertising if they are not physically located at that place
SB 114 - Schmitt - Modifies provisions relating to intoxicating liquor
SB 124 - Chappelle-Nadal - Creates the crimes of failing to stop illegal firearm possession, negligent storage of a firearm, and failure to notify a school of firearm ownership
SB 150 - Munzlinger - Declares certain federal firearm laws unenforceable and makes it a crime for public officers, agents, and employees and licensed firearms dealers to enforce such laws
SB 164 - Walsh - Protects employees from being required to disclose personal user names or passwords
SB 206 - Schaaf - Designates "jumping jacks" as the official exercise of the state of Missouri
SB 218 - LeVota - Allows for the display of the Honor and Remember flag at all state buildings and state parks
SB 239 - Emery - Prohibits school districts from requiring a student to use certain radio frequency identification devices and extends authorization for teacher certification based on American Board for Certification of Teacher Exellence certification
SB 265 - Nieves - Prohibits the state and political subdivisions from implementing policies affecting property rights and from entering into certain relationships with organizations
SB 266 - Nieves - Prohibits health care professionals from entering information about firearm ownership into medical records and school employees from asking students about guns in the home
SB 267 - Nieves - Specifies how courts may rule in contractual disputes involving the law of other countries
SB 268 - Nieves - Repeals authority for political subdivisions to regulate open carrying of firearms and requires certain local ordinances to incorporate statutory justifications
SB 269 - Nieves - Modifies the use of the Capitol complex grounds by non-public entities
SB 270 - Nieves - Prohibits state enforcement of provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012
SB 271 - Nieves - Requires 911 operators to receive training regarding self-defense and defense of others
SB 272 - Nieves - Allows contractors who install fire sprinkler systems to apply for a certificate of registration
SB 325 - Nieves - Declares the General Assembly's position on the authority of the federal government, declares as invalid certain federal gun laws, and prohibits the enforcement of such laws
SB 337 - Sater - Bans the sale of tobacco-derived and vapor products to minors
SB 352 - Lager - Prohibits a governmental body from offering an exchange program for firearms unless an ordinance is adopted requiring the sale or trade of each firearm to a licensed dealer
SB 358 - Holsman - Exempts industrial hemp from the list of controlled substances and specifies that it is legal for anyone who has not been convicted of a drug-related crime to cultivate such hemp
SB 372 - Munzlinger - Provides that state employees can keep firearms in their vehicles on state property and modifies provisions related to training requirements for concealed carry endorsements
SB 374 - Nieves - Modifies provisions relating to the management and maintenance of museums
SB 412 - Kehoe - Prohibits beer manufacturers and liquor wholesalers from owning certain interests in each other
SB 466 - Schaefer - Requires that all donation receptacles have the name and contact information of the receptacle owner and that the owner has permission from the property owner where the receptacle is located
SB 467 - Schaefer - Requires the General Assembly to consider youth smoking statistics when appropriating money from the Life Sciences Research Fund
SB 469 - Chappelle-Nadal - Creates the crimes of failing to stop illegal weapon possession, negligent storage of a weapon, and failure to notify a school of weapon ownership
SJR 14 - Schaefer - Modifies constitutional provisions regarding the right to keep and bear arms
SJR 17 - Nieves - Prohibits Missouri state government from recognizing, enforcing, or acting in furtherance of certain actions of the federal government
HB 42 - Rowland - Prohibits the state and all political subdivisions from implementing policies affecting property rights and from entering into certain relationships with organizations
HB 47 - Cross - Requires an annual in-person parental consent for a minor younger than 17 to use a tanning device in a tanning a facility
HB 68 - Kelley - Designates the month of November as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in Missouri
HB 170 - Guernsey - Lowers the age of eligibility for concealed carry, makes it a crime to enforce certain federal laws, and exempts certain firearms-related transactions from background checks
HB 278 - Brattin - Prohibits any state or local governmental entity from banning or restricting the practice, mention, celebration or discussion of any federal holiday
HB 306 - Hoskins - Designates the dog known as "Old Drum" as the historical dog of the state and designates the dog known as "Jim the Wonder Dog" as Missouri's Wonder Dog
HB 340 - Johnson - Establishes daylight saving time as the new standard time
HB 372 - Cox - Creates the Business Premises Safety Act
HB 436 - Funderburk - Modifies provisions relating to firearms
HB 513 - Bahr - Provides that the liberty of a parent to direct the upbringing, education, and care of his or her child is a fundamental right
HB 533 - Riddle - Modifies provisions relating to firearms
HB 585 - Schieffer - Designates each November 21st as "Stan Musial Day"
HB 632 - Dunn - Designates each December 4th as "Alpha Phi Alpha Day"
HB 634 - Elmer - Designates each month of February as "Turner Syndrome Awareness Month"
HB 650 - Ross - Modifies provisions relating to the Department of Natural Resources
HB 859 - Brattin - Modifies provisions relating to firearms