SB 58
Modifies annexation procedures, allows certain cities to adopt nuisance abatement ordinances, and modifies ordinance adoption procedures in certain cities
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6/28/2013 - Signed by Governor
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August 28, 2013
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Current Bill Summary

SB 58 - This act modifies annexation procedures, allows the cities of Farmington and Perryville to enact certain nuisance abatement ordinances, and creates an alternative method of adopting ordinances for the City of Farmington.

ANNEXATION PROCEDURES - Sections 71.012, 71.014, & 71.015

Under current law, owners of recorded fee interests in property in an area may file a verified petition requesting annexation. This act provides that such owners may request annexation by filing a notarized, rather than a verified, petition.

This act also provides that a petition not being verified or notarized shall not affect the validity of an annexation.

In addition, this act requires any action seeking to deannex or challenge an annexation or to oust a municipality from an annexed area must be brought within five years of the adoption of the annexation ordinance.

Under current law, a municipality's failure to provide services to an annexed area within three years of the effective date of the annexation, when such annexation occurred in St. Charles or Jefferson County, gives rise to a cause of action to be filed in the circuit court. This act provides that the cause of action must filed within four years of the annexation.


This act allows the cities of Farmington and Perryville to remove weeds or trash without a hearing or notice from a property that has more than one ordinance violation within a growing season for overgrown weeds or within a calendar year for trash.

Such cities may recoup the costs of the removal from the property owner by issuing a special tax bill to be collected with other taxes assessed against the property. If the bill is not paid when due, the cities may charge eight percent interest on the amount owed.

The provisions of this act do not apply to lands owned by a public utility or any rights-of-way, easements or lands controlled by a railroad.

This provision is identical to SB 57 (2013) and HB 60 (2013).


This act provides an alternate method of adopting or repealing ordinances for the City of Farmington that allows such ordinances to be put to a vote of the people prior to being finally passed.

In order to bring the ordinance to a vote, a majority of the city council must pass a bill that sets forth the ordinance and includes a provision requiring that the ordinance be passed by the voters. Upon the mayor's signature and approval, the question of whether to adopt or repeal the ordinance is placed on the ballot at the next municipal election.

If a majority of the registered voters of the city approve the ordinance, then it becomes law.