SB 296 - This act allows the governing body of any state college or university to establish regulations to control vehicular traffic on campus. Any such regulations must be consistent with state law. The governing body of any state college or university may also enforce any such regulations and general motor vehicle laws of Missouri through college or university police officers. Any regulations adopted must be codified, printed, and distributed for public use. There must be adequate signs displaying the speed limit on thoroughfares. Violations will have the same effect as a municipal ordinance, as well as penalty provisions and points. State college or university police officers must be certified under the requirements of Chapter 590 and will have the same powers as other law enforcement officers.

This act is identical to HB 312 (2013) and is also contained in CCS/SCS/HB 103 (2013), CCS/SS/SCS/HB 307 (2013), HCS/HB 468 (2013), HCS/SB 67 (2013), and HCS/SS/SB 282 (2013).


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