SS/SB 366 - This act creates the "Rebuild Damaged Infrastructure Program" to provide funding for the reconstruction, replacement, or renovation of, or repair to, any infrastructure damaged by a presidentially declared natural disaster in Joplin. This act also provides that on July 1, 2013, certain funds from the Insurance Dedicated Fund, Lewis and Clark Discovery Fund, Department of Revenue Information Fund and the Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Authority Act shall be transferred to the Rebuild Damaged Infrastructure Fund created under this act. Moneys from the Department of Revenue Information Fund shall also be transferred to the state General Revenue Fund.

The program and fund shall expire on June 30, 2014. This act has an emergency clause.

This act is similar to HB 930 (2013), a provision in CCS/SCS/HCS/HB 1035 (2013), and a provision in CCS/HCS/SB 23 (2013).


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