SCS/SB 117 - This act modifies provisions relating to military affairs.

This act requires the display of the Honor and Remember flag at all state buildings and state parks as an official recognition and in honor of fallen members of the Armed Forces of the United States. (Section 8.012)

This act allows any individual who is separating from the military forces of the United States with an honorable discharge or a general discharge to be considered a resident student for admission and in-state tuition purposes at an approved public four-year institution of higher education or in-state and in-district for admission and tuition at any approved public two-year institution of higher education. The separating military member must have been duly stationed in Missouri for at least one year prior to his or her discharge. The separating military member must also demonstrate presence and declare residency within Missouri and, if attending a community college, presence within the taxing district of the community college. The Coordinating Board for Higher Education must promulgate rules to implement this act. (Section 173.1150)

This act contains a provision identical to SB 218 (2013).


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