Missouri State Senate


SB 297 - This act specifies the ratemaking for a small water utility being acquired by a large water utility. Upon acquisition, small water utilities shall become part of a large water utility that is either contiguous, closest geographically, or best suited to acquire the small water utility. The Public Service Commission shall approve such acquisitions as may be just and reasonable.

Currently, only water corporations in St. Louis County may utilize infrastructure system replacement surcharges (ISRS). This act makes all water and sewer corporations eligible provided the corporations produce ISRS revenues of at lease one million dollars, or ten thousand dollars for small water and sewer corporations. The following types of projects will qualify for ISRS: energy efficiency projects, water or sewer utility plant projects done as part of a commission order, and replacement of lines and meters as part of a water or sewer utility plant project.

This act is similar to HB 198 (2013).