Missouri State Senate


SB 29 - This act bars public employee labor unions from withholding fees from employee paychecks. The act requires the employee's consent for public employee labor unions to use fees and dues for political purposes.

The employee must authorize the amount to be used for political contributions. The employee may also stipulate to which committee their fees will be paid. Authorizing or refraining from authorizing any amount shall in no way affect employment.

The labor union must keep records of all authorizations and submit them to the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission.

The act exempts first responders from the new provisions.

This act is similar to SB 814 (1998), SB 610 (2006), HB 492 (2011), SB 202 (2011), SB 435 (2012), and SS/SCS/SB 553 & 435 (2012).