Missouri State Senate


SB 13 - This act eliminates solid waste management districts and the Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee. Money from the Solid Waste Management Fund that was previously allocated for grants to solid waste management districts will be allocated for grants to cities, counties and providers of solid waste management, waste reduction, recycling or related services. The percentage of money allocated for grants is reduced by the amount previously used for overhead and administration costs of solid waste management districts. The requirement that a solid waste management plan be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources is eliminated.

Currently, a tipping fee is collected per ton accepted by landfills and transfer stations and deposited into the Solid Waste Management Fund. This act reduces the fee by the amount previously allocated for solid waste management districts' overhead and administration costs. The fee for solid waste sanitary landfills and transfer stations is reduced from $2.11 per ton accepted to $1.71 per ton. The fee for solid waste demolition landfills is reduced from $1.41 per ton accepted to $1.20 per ton.