SB 230
Establishes Chloe's Law which requires newborn screenings for critical congenital heart disease
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7/9/2013 - Signed by Governor
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August 28, 2013
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Current Bill Summary

SB 230 - This act establishes "Chloe's Law" which requires, effective January 1, 2014, every child born in this state to be screened for critical congenital heart disease with pulse oximetry or in another manner as prescribed by the Department of Health and Senior Services.

The act outlines the procedures, both in and outside of a facility, and in the home, for the screening, providing of informational material, reporting and referral for treatment if necessary to the parents and for reporting of the results to the department for surveillance purposes.

The provisions of this act shall not apply if a parent or guardian of the newborn object to such testing on the grounds that such tests conflict with his or her religious tenets and practices. The parent or guardian of any child who refuses to have the critical congenital heart disease screening test administered after notice of the requirement for such test shall have such refusal documented in writing.

This act is identical to SCS/HB 274 (2013).