SB 226
Modifies the standards for determining when a person is in need of mental health detention and evaluation
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5/17/2013 - Referred H Health Care Policy Committee
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SCS SB 226
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August 28, 2013

Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 226 - This act modifies provisions regarding the detention of a person for purposes of mental health evaluation and treatment under Chapter 632 relating to Comprehensive Psychiatric Services. A new definition for "gravely disabled" is included to mean a condition in which a person, as a result of mental illness or mental disorder, lacks judgment in the management of his or her resources and in the conduct of his or her social relations to the extent that his or her health or safety is significantly endangered and he or she lacks the capacity to understand that this is so. A person of any age can be gravely disabled, but such term shall not include a person who has a developmental disability, unless such person also has a mental illness or mental disorder. The determination of gravely disabled shall be based upon the person's mental illness or mental disorder.

Under this act, the basis for determining whether to detain a person or release a person for purposes of evaluation and treatment shall now include whether the person suffers from a mental disorder and presents a likelihood of serious harm to himself or to others or is gravely disabled.

This act also adds Boone county to the counties that may employ additional assistant prosecuting attorneys, investigative and clerical personnel to assist in the carrying out of the duties of the prosecuting attorney relating to mental health and mental health facilities with the annual compensation for such employees to be paid out of the state treasury from funds appropriated for such purpose.