SB 197
Modifies current provisions relating to tuberculosis treatment and prevention and provides for meningococcal disease information
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6/12/2013 - Signed by Governor
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August 28, 2013
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Current Bill Summary

SB 197 - This act modifies provisions relating to disease management.


This act requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to develop an informational brochure relating to meningococcal disease. The brochure must be available on the Department's website. The Department must notify each public institution of higher education of the brochure's availability. Such institutions must provide a copy of the brochure to all students and to parents if the student is under 18 years of age. Information that must be included in the brochure is described in the act. (Section 167.638)

This provision is identical to a provision in SCS/HB 274 (2013), and similar to provisions in SCS/SB 256 (2013) and to SB 421 (2013).


This act modifies current provisions relating to tuberculosis ("TB") treatment, prevention and commitment by granting more authority to the Department of Health and Senior Services and local public health authorities. Definitions for "directly-observed therapy", "facility", "immediate threat", "isolation", and "targeted testing program" are included. A modified definition for "local public health authority" is included as well.

Current law requires a person found to have TB to obtain the required treatment, minimize the risk of infection and allow for a TB patient to be committed under certain circumstances. This act specifies that local public health authorities may institute proceedings to petition for directly observed therapy or commitment of the person with TB.

The Department of Health and Senior Services is authorized to contract for the care of any TB patient. These contracts shall provide that state payment shall be available for the treatment and care of such patients only after benefits from all third party payers have been exhausted.

It shall be a Class B misdemeanor for any individual knowingly infected with active pulmonary or laryngeal TB to expose another person without that person's consent or report to work with active contagious TB and without following the prescribed treatment or by violating the requirements of a commitment order. If a victim contracts TB, it shall be a Class A misdemeanor.

All employees and volunteers of a health care facility shall be tested for TB upon employment as recommended by the most recent federal guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

All institutions of higher education in Missouri shall implement a targeted testing program on their campuses for all on-campus students and faculty upon matriculation. If an institution does not have a student health center or similar facility, such person identified by the targeted testing program to be at high risk for latent tuberculosis infection or for developing tuberculosis disease shall be referred to a local public health agency for a course of action consistent with this act.

Any entering student of an institution of higher education in Missouri who does not comply with the targeted testing program shall not be permitted to maintain enrollment in the subsequent semester at such institution. (Sections 199.170 to 199.290)

This provision is identical to HB 257 (2013) and similar to SB 810 (2012) and HB 1471 (2012).