SB 186
Authorizes the release of certain information in order to identify veterans' remains and the owners of abandoned military medals, and modifies provisions relating to the registering and issuance of death certificates
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7/10/2013 - Signed by Governor
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August 28, 2013
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SCS/SB 186 - This act provides that if the person or entity who certifies the cause of death is not be part of, or does not use, the electronic death registration system then the funeral director or person acting as such may enter the required personal data into the electronic death registration system and then complete the filing by presenting the signed cause of death certification to the local registrar (Section 193.145).

This provision is similar to SB 244 (2013).

The act also provides that a funeral establishment or coroner in possession of cremated remains is authorized to release the required information to the Department of Veterans Affairs or a veterans' service organization to obtain verification for eligibility of a military burial. Upon verification, the funeral establishment or coroner may release the remains to a veterans' service organization. Ninety days before releasing the remains to a veterans' service organization the funeral establishment must comply with certain notification requirements. The act specifies what information is required and defines veterans' service organization for the purposes of the act (Sections 194.350, 194.360).

A funeral establishment, coroner, or veterans' service organization shall not be liable for actions stemming from final disposition of the remains when the establishment has followed proper notification procedures (Section 194.360).

These provisions are similar to HB 482 (2013).

This act authorizes the State Treasurer to release certain information contained in the holder report of abandoned military medals to the public in order to facilitate the identification of the original owner or the owner's heirs or beneficiaries. The Treasurer may designate a veterans' organization to assist in the identification of the original owner of the medal (Sections 447.559, 447.560).

These provisions are identical to HB 702 (2013).