SB 173
Transfers governance of the St. Louis School District from the special administrative board to the elected school board when certain conditions are satisfied
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1/31/2013 - Second Read and Referred S Education Committee
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August 28, 2013

Current Bill Summary

SB 173 – Current law provides that a special administrative board be established to govern the St. Louis City School District when the district loses its accreditation and will remain in existence for as long as the transitional school district is authorized by the State Board of Education.

This act provides that governance of the district will revert to the elected school board on the next July first following the district being classified for one full year as provisionally accredited. The special administrative board and the elected school board must establish a transition committee consisting of members of both boards during the time between the completion of one year of provisional accreditation and July first to ensure an effective change in governance.