SB 150
Declares certain federal firearm laws unenforceable and makes it a crime for public officers, agents, and employees and licensed firearms dealers to enforce such laws
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3/5/2013 - SCS Voted Do Pass S General Laws Committee - (0949S.04C)
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Emergency clause

Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 150 - This act declares as unenforceable any federal executive order that is more restrictive than the law in effect on December 31, 2012, which bans or restricts the possession of a semiautomatic firearm or any ammunition feeding device or requires the registration of any firearm, ammunition feeding device, or firearm accessory.

In addition, this act makes it a crime for an officer, agent, or employee of the federal, state or local government, or a licensed firearms dealer, from enforcing an order declared unenforceable by this act when the firearm, ammunition feeding device, or accessory at issue is manufactured in the state, or possessed in the state, and remains exclusively in the state.

It is a Class D felony if the person committing the crime is a federal officer, agent, or employee and it is a Class A misdemeanor if the person is a state or local officer, agent, or employee, or a licensed firearms dealer.

This act also allows a person charged with violating a federal executive order declared unenforceable by this act to request the Attorney General to defend the person against the charge.

This act contains an emergency clause.

This act is similar to HB 170 (2013).