SB 114 Modifies provisions relating to intoxicating liquor
1/7/2013 Prefiled
1/9/2013 S First Read--SB 114-Schmitt S19
1/24/2013 Second Read and Referred S General Laws Committee S131
2/12/2013 Hearing Conducted S General Laws Committee
2/19/2013 SCS Voted Do Pass S General Laws Committee - (0175S.04C)
2/28/2013 Reported from S General Laws Committee to Floor w/SCS S398
3/4/2013 SS for SCS S offered & adopted (Schmitt)--(0175S.05F) S412
3/4/2013 Perfected S412
3/5/2013 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S419
3/7/2013 S Third Read and Passed - EC adopted S476
3/7/2013 H First Read H549
3/8/2013 H Second Read H558
3/27/2013 Referred H General Laws Committee H735
4/9/2013 Hearing Conducted H General Laws Committee
4/16/2013 Voted Do Pass H General Laws Committee
4/18/2013 Reported Do Pass H General Laws Committee H1364
4/18/2013 Referred to H Rules Committee H1364
4/30/2013 Voted Do Pass H Rules Committee
5/2/2013 Reported Do Pass H Rules Committee H1919
5/8/2013 HA 1 H offered (Engler)--(0175S05.11H) H2102-2104
5/8/2013 HA 1 to HA 1 H offered & adopted (Haahr)--(0175S05.05H) H2104-2105
5/8/2013 HSA 1 for HA 1, as amended, H offered & defeated (Cox)--(0175S05.06F) H2105-2109
5/8/2013 HA 1, as amended, H adopted H2110-2111
5/8/2013 H Third Read and Passed, as amended - EC adopted H2112-2113 / S1482-1485
5/14/2013 Motion: S concur in HA1, as amended (Schmitt) S1778
5/14/2013 Substitute Motion: Refuse to adopt HA 1, as amended & request H recede or grant conference S1778
5/14/2013 Motion to concur in HA 1, as amended, S withdrawn S1778
5/15/2013 S refuses to concur in HA 1, as amended S1895 / H2573
5/15/2013 S requests H recede or grant conference S1895 / H2573
5/15/2013 H refuses to recede and grants conference H2575 / S1927
5/15/2013 H conferees appointed: Jones-50, Richardson, Hummel H2593 / S1953
5/16/2013 S conferees appointed: Schmitt, Schaefer, Parson, McKenna, Holsman S2298 / H3103
5/16/2013 H submits CCR H3119-3120
5/17/2013 CCR S offered (0175S07.1SR) S2413
5/17/2013 Point of order CCR exceeds differences (Schaaf) point of order taken under advisement S2413
5/17/2013 Point of order withdrawn S2417
5/17/2013 Motion to adopt CCR withdrawn S2417
5/17/2013 In Conference--SS for SCS for SB 114-Schmitt, with HA 1, as amended