SB 106 Modifies various provisions relating to veterans and members of the military including the awarding of academic credit, professional licenses, and child custody rights
1/3/2013 Prefiled
1/9/2013 S First Read--SB 106-Brown S19
1/24/2013 Second Read and Referred S Veterans' Affairs and Health Committee S130
1/31/2013 Hearing Conducted S Veterans' Affairs and Health Committee
2/5/2013 SCS Voted Do Pass S Veterans' Affairs and Health Committee - (0576S.02C)
2/6/2013 Reported from S Veterans' Affairs and Health Committee to Floor w/SCS S212-213
2/12/2013 SCS S adopted S251
2/12/2013 Perfected S251
2/12/2013 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S259-260
2/14/2013 S Third Read and Passed S287
2/14/2013 H First Read H364
2/15/2013 H Second Read H375
3/27/2013 Referred H Veterans Committee H735
4/2/2013 Hearing Conducted H Veterans Committee
4/2/2013 Voted Do Pass H Veterans Committee
4/3/2013 Reported Do Pass H Veterans Committee H952
4/3/2013 Referred to H Rules Committee H952
4/18/2013 Voted Do Pass H Rules Committee
4/18/2013 Reported Do Pass H Rules Committee H1365
5/1/2013 HA 1 H offered & adopted (Davis)--(0576S02.08H) H1831-1833
5/1/2013 HA 2 H offered & adopted (Solon)--(0576S02.07H) H1833-1836
5/1/2013 HA 3 H offered & adopted (Funderburk)--(0576S02.04H) H1837-1839
5/1/2013 HA 4 H offered (Roorda)--(0576S02.05H) H1839-1844
5/1/2013 HA 1 to HA 4 H offered & adopted (McGaugh)--(0576S02.06H) H1844-1845
5/1/2013 HA 4, as amended, H adopted H1845
5/1/2013 HA 5 H offered & adopted (McKenna)--(0576S02.03H) H1845
5/1/2013 H Third Read and Passed, as amended H1845-1846 / S1193-1212
5/1/2013 S refuses to concur in HA 1, HA 2, HA 3, HA 1 to HA 4, HA 4, as amended & HA 5 S1231 / H1924
5/1/2013 S requests H recede or grant conference S1231 / H1924
5/6/2013 H refuses to recede and grants conference H1945 / S1306
5/6/2013 S conferees appointed: Brown, Pearce, Kraus, Sifton, Holsman S1306 / H1962
5/6/2013 H conferees appointed: Davis, Solon, McKenna H1963 / S1322
5/7/2013 H submits CCR H2095
5/8/2013 CCR S offered & adopted (0576S03.1SR) S1473-1474 / H2163
5/8/2013 CCS S Third Read and Passed (0576S.03S) S1474 / H2163
5/13/2013 CCR H adopted H2407 / S1707
5/13/2013 CCS H Third Read and Passed H2408 / S1707
5/13/2013 Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed S1707
5/22/2013 Reported Duly Enrolled S Rules Committee S2434
5/22/2013 Signed by Senate President Pro Tem S2434-2435
5/22/2013 Signed by House Speaker H3330-3331
5/22/2013 Delivered to Governor S2438
7/10/2013 Signed by Governor S2459