Bills Sponsored by Senator Kraus

SB 472 - Modifies the provisions of certain tax credit programs and requires the Department of Revenue to apply any increase in revenue generated to a decrease in the corporate income tax rate
SB 473 - Requires the Attorney General to sue the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws
SB 474 - Requires the Department of Social Services to take steps to mandate the use of photo identification for the food stamp program
SB 569 - Modifies the law relating to elections, law enforcement districts, and transit authority taxes
SB 570 - Requires that only one license plate be issued for all motor vehicles instead of the current two plates
SB 571 - Requires tax credit recipients to file campaign finance reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission
SB 589 - Requires political subdivisions using automated traffic enforcement systems to distribute such fines to local school districts for transportation purposes
SB 590 - Modifies the law relating to unlawfully present aliens
SB 594 - Modifies provisions relating to utility uses and service
SB 595 - Transfers the administration of special education due process hearings from the State Board of Education to the Administrative Hearing Commission
SB 696 - Allows uninsured motor vehicles to be towed under certain circumstances and increases fines, suspensions and reinstatement fees for certain uninsured motorists
SB 715 - Allows the Adjutant General to waive the age limit for service in the state militia and repeals a complaint procedure for the state militia
SB 768 - Authorizes circuit courts to create veterans treatment courts
SB 769 - Modifies and creates provisions relating to state and local standards
SB 776 - Eliminates a provision regarding how leases of commercial property at airports are assessed for property tax purposes
SB 789 - Modifies provisions relating to DNA profiling by the Missouri State Highway Patrol crime lab and the DNA Profiling Analysis Fund
SB 816 - Redefines "misconduct" and "good cause" for the purposes of disqualification from unemployment benefits
SB 892 - Modifies the law relating to uniform military and overseas voters
SB 893 - Requires certain offenders to undergo criminal history checks in order to have their driver's licenses reinstated or have limited driving privileges granted
SB 906 - Prohibits certain taxpayers from receiving benefits under certain programs administered by the Department of Economic Development
SJR 38 - Requires refunds to taxpayers when state revenues grow by seven and a half percent or more
SJR 40 - Amends the constitution to modify the ban on retrospective laws
HB 1060 - Modifies the law relating to elections
HB 1100 - Designates March 30 of each year as "Vietnam Veterans Day"
HB 1105 - Allows the Adjutant General to waive the age limit for service in the state militia
HB 1128 - Authorizes certain military honors and days of observance
HB 1549 - Modifies the state do-not-call list by allowing cell phone numbers on the list

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