Bills Sponsored by Senator Richard

SB 584 - Creates state and local sales and use tax exemptions for data storage centers and allows municipalities to enter into loan agreements, or sell, lease, or mortgage municipal property for a technology business facility project
SB 585 - Creates a tax credit to attract sporting events to Missouri
SB 586 - Gives preference in the awarding of a fee office contract to a tax exempt organization whose primary administrative office is in the same county or legislative district as the fee office
SB 619 - Modifies Missouri's valued policy statute to cover all perils covered under a policy rather than just loss caused by fire
SB 647 - Provides for funding of the capitol complex revitalization project by modifying the historic preservation tax credit program
SB 698 - Establishes construction contract bidding standards for political subdivisions
SB 733 - Revises statutes concerning the Missouri Science and Reinvestment Act and related statutes
SB 734 - Establishes the Missouri Works Training Program
SB 777 - Modifies the requirements of tax increment financing laws for certain redevelopment projects located in areas affected by certain natural disasters
SB 778 - Prohibits an annual adjustment for inflation for certain solid waste management fees
SB 813 - Modifies provisions relating to financial transactions
SB 838 - Modifies provisions relating to funding for site remediation in certain municipal areas
SB 883 - Adopts an agreement to elect the president by national popular vote
HB 1278 - Modifies provisions of law regarding certain tax credits

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