Bills Sponsored by Senator Chappelle-Nadal

SB 535 - Allows the City of St. Louis to control its police force without state intervention
SB 536 - Requires long-term care facilities to be encouraged to institute policies encouraging familial involvement in the well-being and support of its residents
SB 537 - Increases the penalty for the crime of harassment
SB 538 - Requires, subject to appropriations, an expansion of the variety of kosher foods approved under the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Special Supplemental Food Program
SB 539 - Creates a crime for employers who divulge certain personal information of employees and customers
SB 540 - Bars discriminatory employers from receiving public works contracts and requires employers to provide cause to terminated employees
SB 541 - Prohibits a workforce development agency from knowingly omitting from any bidding process an entity with whom it has a contract
SB 542 - Establishes a paper ballot as the official ballot
SB 543 - Modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education
SB 544 - Licenses clinical laboratory personnel
SB 545 - Requires certain public officials and certain staff members of the executive branch and legislature to submit to drug tests
SB 587 - Allows school districts and charter schools to establish and implement an age-appropriate curriculum to educate students about domestic violence
SB 663 - Establishes Boulevard Brewery Company and Saint Louis Brewery, Inc. as the official breweries of the state
SB 664 - Enacts a statewide smoking ban
SJR 31 - Makes St. Louis City a part of St. Louis County
SJR 32 - Proposes a constitutional amendment to require the St. Louis Board of Freeholders to meet monthly and authorizes the people of St. Louis City and County to modify the Missouri Constitution regarding the Board
SJR 33 - Proposes a constitutional amendment replacing the Highways and Transportation Commission with a Director of Transportation
HCR 22 - Encourages the Missouri Veterans Commission to work with women veterans to address their needs and formally honors women veterans in Missouri

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