Bills Sponsored by Senator Cunningham

SB 451 - Modifies provisions relating to school operations
SB 452 - Allows a pupil to enroll in an adjoining school district if the student's residence is located closer to a school in the adjoining district or in cases of transportation hardship
SB 453 - Establishes damage caps for Human Rights Act cases and workers' compensation discrimination cases
SB 485 - Modifies the law governing liens
SB 510 - Modifies the laws regarding municipal annexations, the taxation of security companies, assessment of real estate, the termination of water and sewer services, and complaints about real estate appraisals
SB 622 - Requires a health carrier that provides coverage for prescription eye drops to cover a refill without regard to a restriction for an early refill if it is authorized by the prescribing health care provider
SB 623 - Allows certain financial institutions to transfer fiduciary obligations
SB 706 - Modifies provisions relating to school operations
SB 707 - Restricts the authority of radiology benefit managers to deny diagnostic testing ordered and recommended by a physician
SB 806 - Modifies the teacher tenure systems
SB 909 - Modifies provisions of evidence law relating to business records and hearsay
SJR 39 - Prohibits laws interfering with freedom of choice in health care
HB 1140 - Requires financial information about public schools, county, and municipal governments to be included on the Missouri accountability portal
HB 1192 - Modifies investment contracts of the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program

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