Bills assigned to Governmental Accountability

SB 473 - Kraus - Requires the Attorney General to sue the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws
SB 474 - Kraus - Requires the Department of Social Services to take steps to mandate the use of photo identification for the food stamp program
SB 589 - Kraus - Requires political subdivisions using automated traffic enforcement systems to distribute such fines to local school districts for transportation purposes
SB 650 - Ridgeway - Requires Senate approval for gubernatorial appointments to certain boards, commissions, and committees
SB 693 - Crowell - Prohibits state agencies from printing calendars representing the agency to public and private entities
SB 786 - Keaveny - Requires the State Auditor to audit and compare the costs of death penalty cases and first-degree murder cases in which the death penalty is not sought
SB 808 - Lembke - Implements recall elections for U.S. Senators
SB 855 - Schaaf - Modifies the eligibility requirements for food stamps assistance as it relates to ineligible immigrants
SB 877 - Mayer - Requires each state department to quarterly report certain information about its employees to the General Assembly
SJR 25 - Crowell - Lowers the number of State Representatives from 163 to 101
SJR 48 - Dixon - Modifies provisions regarding members and meetings of Missouri Senate and House of Representative apportionment commissions
HB 1357 - Gatschenberger - Provides protections for Alternatives to Abortion Agencies to freely engage in religious practices