SB 696
Allows uninsured motor vehicles to be towed under certain circumstances and increases fines, suspensions and reinstatement fees for certain uninsured motorists
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2/14/2012 - Hearing Conducted S Small Business, Insurance and Industry Committee
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August 28, 2012

Current Bill Summary

SB 696 - Under this act, a person who is found guilty of operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility a second time shall be assessed an additional fine of $1,000. Currently, a second or subsequent violation is punishable by a fine not to exceed $300. This act also imposes an additional fine of $5,000 on persons who violate the financial responsibility law a third or subsequent time.

Under the terms of the act, a court may order the impoundment of person's motor vehicle for period of 6 months if the person is convicted of violating Missouri's financial responsibility law a second or subsequent time. An impounded vehicle shall not be released until the defendant provides proof of financial responsibility and pays all associated towing, impoundment, and storage fees.

The act also requires a law enforcement officer to order the impoundment the motor vehicle of a driver who is unable to present proof of insurance if his or her vehicle is involved in an accident. The act provides that the towing and storage provisions of the abandoned property law apply to the impoundment unless such provisions otherwise conflict with this act. Under the terms of the act, the impounded vehicle shall not be released until the person:

(1) Submits proof that a person with a valid driving privileges will be operating the motor vehicle;

(2) Submits proof of financial responsibility;

(3) Pays to the law enforcement agency an administrative fee determined by the agency to be sufficient to cover its actual administrative costs for the impoundment;

(4) Submits proof that the operator has:

(a) Been released from liability resulting from the motor vehicle accident;

(b) Been adjudicated not to be liable for the accident;

(c) Made restitution for damages resulting from such accident as may be recovered against the operator;

(d) Executed a duly acknowledged written agreement providing for the payment of an agreed amount in installments with respect to all claims for injuries or damages resulting from the motor vehicle accident; or

(e) Filed a security deposit with the Department of Revenue consistent with Missouri law; and

(5) Pays any towing and storage costs associated with the impoundment of the motor vehicle.

The act increases the reinstatement fee for a first time financial responsibility law offender from $20 to $250. The second time offenders, the act increases the driver's license suspension period from 90 days to 180 days and increases the reinstatement fee from $200 to $400. For persons who have 3 or more financial responsibility law violations, the act increases the license reinstatement fee from $400 to $600.