SB 599
Modifies provisions relating to education
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7/10/2012 - Signed by Governor
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CCS SB 599
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Emergency Clause for certain sections
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/SB 599 – This act modifies provisions relating to education.

GIFTED EDUCATION: School districts must include in their annual school accountability report card whether the school district currently has a state-approved gifted education program and the percentage and number of students being served by the program. (Section 160.522)

This provision is identical to SB 147 (2011) and is similar to HB 1062 (2012), HB 1295 (2010), SB 962 (2010), SB 498 (2009), and HB 2542 (2008).

COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT REPORTING: Under current law, if a school receives a report of child abuse arising from school personnel following the district's policy on spanking or the use of reasonable force to protect persons or property, the school superintendent or school board president must send a notice of the incident to the county juvenile officer. This act requires the notice to be sent to the law enforcement in the county.

Also, under current law, the report of the incident must be investigated by a law enforcement officer designated by the juvenile officer. This act requires that the investigation be conducted by the law enforcement in the county. (Section 160.261)

This provision is identical to HCS/HB 1169 (2012).

DOE RUN SETTLEMENT: Any moneys received in the county school funds for Iron County, Reynolds County, Jefferson County, and Washington County from the Doe Run settlement agreement civil penalty will not be considered to be local effort for purposes of state school funding.

This provision is also contained in CCS/HCS/SCS/SB 635 (2012). (Section 163.024)

STANDARDS FOR AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION: The State Board of Education must establish standards for agricultural education that may be adopted by a private school accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. Any such private school must reimburse the Department annually for the cost of oversight and maintenance of the program.

This provision is similar to SS/SCS/HB 1073 (2012), HCS/HB 1254 (2012), HCS/HB 1860 (2012), HB 1953 (2012), SCS/SB 491 (2012), CCS/HCS/SCS/SB 631 (2012), CCS/HCS/SCS/SB 635 (2012). (Section 178.530)

CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION INSTRUCTION: Public and charter schools serving grades nine through twelve may provide their students instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as described in the act. Students with disabilities may participate to the extent appropriate as determined by the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

A teacher of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation course does not need be a certified trainer if the instruction is not designed to result in certification of students. Instruction that is designed to result in certification must be taught by an authorized cardiopulmonary instructor.

This provision is substantially similar to SCS/HB 1337 (2012). (Section 170.310)

CAREER AND TECHNICAL STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS AND EDUCATION: This act requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide staffing support, including statewide coordination for career and technical student organizations, for career and technical education programs approved by the department. These organizations include DECA, FBLA, FFA, FCCLA, HOSA, SkillsUSA, and TSA. The Department must continue handling the funds from the organizations in the same manner as it did during the 2011-2012 school year. (Section 1)

This act contains an emergency clause for Section 1.