SB 437
Requires the joint election of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor
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1/23/2012 - Hearing Conducted S Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee
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Current Bill Summary

SB 437 - This act mandates that the Governor and Lieutenant Governor candidates shall be elected jointly. A candidate for Governor shall pick the candidate for Lieutenant Governor and both candidates shall be considered as one candidate for both the primary election and the general election. If a candidate for Governor is disqualified for any reason after the primary election, then current law provisions for the selection of a new gubernatorial candidate shall apply and the disqualified candidate's selection of a Lieutenant Governor shall not be listed as the party's candidate for Governor unless chosen through the current law processes for replacing a disqualified gubernatorial candidate.

The passage of this act is contingent upon voter approval of a senate joint resolution amending the Missouri Constitution to require the joint election of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

This act is similar to SB 1114 (2002).