SB 443 Modifies the law with respect to the regulation of motor vehicles
Sponsor: Stouffer
LR Number: 4277H.05C Fiscal Note available
Committee: Transportation
Last Action: 5/10/2012 - HCS Voted Do Pass H Rules Pursuant Committee Journal Page:
Title: HCS SS SCS SB 443 Calendar Position:
Effective Date: Varies
House Handler: Denison

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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SS/SCS/SB 443 - This act modifies various provisions relating to the regulation of motor vehicles.

FAILURE TO APPEAR IN COURT- Under current law, if a person fails to timely dispose of a traffic ticket, the court will notify the director of revenue of such fact and the director will suspend the offender's driver's license until such time the person settles the matter by paying the fines and applicable court costs. Upon proof of disposition of the charges, and payment of a reinstatement fee, the director will return the license and remove the suspension from the person's driver's record. This act modifies this provision so that a commercial motor vehicle operator or a holder of a commercial driver's license will not be eligible to have such a suspension removed from his or her driving record (Section 302.341). This provision is also contained in the truly agreed to version of HB 430 (2011) and HCS/HB 818 (2011).

UNIFORM COMMERCIAL DRIVER'S LICENSE ACT - This act adds new definitions to Uniform Commercial Driver's License Act (Sections 302.700 to 302.780) and makes modifications to current definitions relating to commercial driver license requirements to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations and support the implementation of the federal rule labeled "Medical Certification Requirements as part of the CDL". The act revises the definition section by adding the following terms:

1) CDLIS driver record;

2) CDLIS motor vehicle record;

3) Commercial driver's license downgrade;

4) Driver applicant;

5) Employee;

6) Endorsement;

7) Foreign;

8) Medical examiner;

9) Medical variance (Section 302.700). This provision is also contained in the truly agreed to version of HB 430 (2011) and in HCS/HB 818 (2011).

CDL MEDICAL CERTIFICATION COMPLIANCE - This act implements a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation known as "Medical Certification Requirements as part of the CDL". This act requires commercial driver license applicants to complete certain self certifications and submit required medical examiner certification documents when applicable. The act specifies the certification process. Applicants certifying to the operation in nonexcepted interstate or nonexcepted intrastate commerce must provide the state with an original or copy of a current medical examiners certificate. The state is required to maintained such documents for a period of 3 years beyond the date the certificate was issued. The act requires applicants to provide updated medical certificates or variance documents in order to maintain commercial motor vehicle driving privileges. The director must post the medical examiners certificate information to the driver record within 10 calendar days of receipt and the information will become part of the CDLIS driver record. Under the act, any person who falsifies any information in an application for or an update of medical certification status information shall not be licensed to operate a commercial vehicle or the person's commercial driver's license must be canceled for a period of one year after the director discovers the falsification. This provision is also contained in the truly agreed to version of HB 430 (2011), HCS/HB 818 (2011) and HB 820 (2011) (Section 302.768).

The CDL medical certification compliance sections (Section 302.200 and 302.768) shall become effective on the date the director begins accepting commercial driver license medical certifications or on May 1, 2013, whichever occurs first.