SB 879
Allows insurers that purchase vehicles through the claims adjustment process to obtain salvage certificate of titles or junking certificates under certain conditions
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4/4/2012 - Voted Do Pass S Transportation Committee
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August 28, 2012

Current Bill Summary

SB 879 - Under the terms of this act, any insurer which purchases a vehicle, other than abandoned vehicles, through the claims adjustment process for which the insurer is unable to obtain a negotiable title, may make application to the department of revenue for a salvage certificate of title or junking certificate. The application may be made by the insurer or its designated salvage pool on a form provided by the department and signed under penalty of perjury. The application shall include a declaration that the insurer has made at least two written attempts to obtain the certificate of ownership, transfer documents, or other acceptable evidence of title, and be accompanied by proof of claims payment from the insurer, evidence that letters were delivered to the vehicle owner, a statement explaining the circumstances by which the property came into the insurer's possession, a description of the property including the year, make, model, vehicle identification number, and current location of the property, and a fee of $8.50. The department, upon receipt of a properly executed application and the fee, shall attempt to notify any lienholders of record. After 30 days from receipt of the application, if no valid lienholders have notified the department of the existence of a lien, the department shall issue a salvage certificate of title or junking certificate for the vehicle in the name of the insurer.