SB 682
Requires that certain pain management techniques be performed by licensed physicians
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6/18/2012 - Signed by Governor
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August 28, 2012
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SS/SCS/SB 682 - This act mandates that only licensed physicians may use certain techniques in diagnosing or treating chronic pain or pain occurring outside of a surgical, obstetrical, or post-operative course of care. Such techniques limited to licensed physicians are ablation of nerves, placement of drugs in the spinal column under fluoroscopic guidance, discectomy, and placement intrathecal infusion pumps or spinal cord stimulators.

The act will not apply to inter-laminar lumbar epidural injections performed at a hospital or ambulatory surgery center if the standard of care for medicare reimbursement is changed to allow reimbursement only with use of image guidance after the effective date of the act. This act will not apply to certified registered nurse anesthetists or anaesthesiologist assistants providing surgical, obstetrical, or post-operative pain control.

The Board of Registration for the Healing Arts may promulgate rules to implement the provisions of this act. The provisions of this act will expire August 28, 2016, unless reauthorized by an act of the General Assembly.