SB 673
Modifies law regarding motor vehicle licensing and driver's licenses
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5/18/2012 - In Conference--SCS for SB 673-Brown, with HCS, as amended
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August 28, 2012
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SCS/SB 673 - This act makes several changes to laws relating to motor vehicle licensing and registration.

MOTORCYCLE INSTRUCTION PERMIT - This act allows holders of temporary motorcycle instruction permits to only renew such permits two additional times (for a total permit period of 18 months). The act also applies the same renewal restriction to temporary driver instruction permits. If a temporary driver instruction permit includes a motorcycle endorsement, then the temporary driver instruction permit with the motorcycle endorsement shall only be valid for 6 months (not 12 months as it is under current law) and may only be renewed two additional times (for a total of 18 months). The act also removes the motorcycle engine size restriction and the 50 mile operating restriction from the temporary motorcycle instruction permit. In addition, the act applies the two remaining restrictions (passenger restriction and night-time operation restriction) that currently only apply to permit holders under the age of 16 to all temporary motorcycle instruction permit holders, regardless of age (Sections 302.130 and 302.123). These provisions have an effective date of May 1, 2013.

WINDOW STICKERS - This act requires a window sticker to be placed on the inside front windshield of a motor vehicle to show the current registration instead of the current license plate tab. A tab, instead of a window sticker, must be issued for a motorcycle or trailer registration. This provision is also contained in HB 1451 (2012)and HB 1640 (2012)(Sections 136.055, 301.032, 301.130, 301.140, 301.160, 301.290, 301.300, 301.301, and 301.302). The window sticker provisions have an effective date of January 1, 2013 (Section B).

ADDITIONAL LICENSE PLATE - This act allows motorists to purchase an additional temporary license plate that matches an existing or newly issued plate to serve as a visible plate when a bicycle rack or other item obstructs the view of the actual plate. The act requires the temporary plate to be produced in a manner and of materials determined by the director to be the most cost effective means of production with a configuration that matches an existing or newly issued plate. The fee for the additional temporary license plate shall be the same charged for a temporary permit. The third plate may only be used on the vehicle with the matching plate, and the additional third plate must be clearly recognizable as a third plate and only used for such purposes. The act requires the temporary plate to be placed in the interior of the vehicle's rear window such that the drivers view out the rear window is not obstructed and the plate configuration is clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle. The act further provides that the temporary plate is only authorized for use when the matching actual plate is affixed to the vehicle. This provision is similar to one contained in SB 843 (section 301.140).

DISABLED PLACARDS - This act modifies the law regarding disabled placards. The act removes the provision requiring a removable disability windshield placard to be renewed every four years (Section 301.142). The act further specifies that persons who are permanently disabled, regardless of age, are not required to provide physician's statements when renewing disabled license plates or windshield placards. This section is also contained in HB 1640 and HB 1684(2012)(Section 301.142).

MOTORCYCLE TRAINING COURSE - Under this act, every applicant for a motorcycle license or endorsement must show proof that he or she has successfully completed a motorcycle training course (Section 302.020).

REGISTRATION RENEWAL - Under the terms of this act, no penalties shall be assessed, nor any tickets issued, for a person failing to renew the registration of a motor vehicle prior to the last day of the month following the expiration of the 12-month registration period (section 301.030). This provision is contained in HB 1264 (2012).

LICENSE EXAMINATION - Under this act, any applicant who is required to take the written portion of a license examination more than once shall pay a $10 fee for each additional time the applicant must retake the examination (section 302.173).