SB 803
Modifies provisions relating to behavior analysts and the Behavior Analyst Advisory Board
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5/1/2012 - Referred H Professional Registration and Licensing Committee
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August 28, 2012

Current Bill Summary

SS/SCS/SB 803 - This act modifies provisions relating to temporary behavior analysts, temporary assistant behavior analysts, provisional behavior analysts, provisional assistant behavior analysts, and the Behavior Analyst Advisory Board.

Currently, the Governor selects one of the professional members of the State Committee of Psychologists to serve on the Behavior Analyst Advisory Board. This act mandates that the committee will select by a majority vote which professional member of the committee will serve on the advisory board

The Behavior Analyst Advisory Board will review all applications for any behavior analyst license. The board will also recommend to the State Committee of Psychologists rules for promulgation regarding all types of behavior analyst licenses.

Submission of a fee set by the State Committee of Psychologists will be required before a temporary license is issued. For licensure as a temporary assistant behavior analyst, proof of a valid license as an assistant behavior analyst in another state is required.

The requirements for submission of a passport photograph, passage of an examination, and board certification are eliminated for provisional licenses. To receive a provisional license, the applicant must submit a complete application, pay the appropriate fee, and satisfy the requirements for either a licensed behavior analyst or licensed assistant behavior analyst, depending the provisional license sought. Those holding provisional licenses may only practice under the supervision of licensed behavior analyst. Provisional licenses will terminate upon issuance of a permanent license, a finding of cause to discipline, termination of supervision, or one year after issuance. Provisional licenses may only be renewed for one additional year.

No person shall hold themselves out as having a temporary or provisional license unless they meet the applicable requirements. Individual holding a temporary or provisional license shall limit their practice to their respective areas of competence and not practice in another area without obtaining additional training, education, and experience.

To receive reimbursement, the supervising behavior analyst shall do the billing to insurance providers for the services of temporary licensed behavior analysts, provisionally licensed assistant behavior analysts, and provisionally licensed behavior analysts.

This act is similar to HB 1518 (2012) and HB 1522 (2012). This act is similar to provisions contained in SS/SCS/HCS/HB 1563 (2012).