Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Crowell

SB 109 - Bars employers from requiring employees to engage in or cease engaging in certain labor practices
SB 110 - Prohibits the state minimum wage from exceeding the federal minimum wage
SB 139 - Subjects all state tax credits to appropriation
SB 140 - Repeals provisions of the Missouri property tax credit which allow renters to receive the property tax credit for rent constituting taxes paid
SB 141 - Prohibits the receipt of tax credits by campaign contributors
SB 142 - Restricts the membership, employment, and business relationships of the Missouri Development Finance Board and the Missouri Housing Development Commission
SB 143 - Prohibits the approval of new applications under the Missouri Downtown and Rural Stimulus Act after August 28, 2011
SB 144 - Places a one year moratorium on the authorization of certain tax credits
SB 152 - Modifies provisions of the retirement plan of the Police Retirement System of St. Louis
SB 169 - Requires drug screening and testing for TANF applicants and recipients
SB 170 - Specifies that defined benefit retirement plans are required to submit quarterly reports on their investment performance to the Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement
SB 171 - Modifies provisions relating to private probation services
SB 172 - Modifies the State Legal Expense Fund
SB 186 - Makes it optional for the circuit court and circuit clerk in Cape Girardeau County to hold court and maintain certain offices in both Jackson and Cape Girardeau
SB 198 - Repeals the estate tax
SB 199 - Modifies the state do-not-call list by allowing cell phone numbers on the list and banning certain automated calls
SB 200 - Modifies the ability of state educational institutions to issue bonds and incur debt
SB 201 - Modifies provisions of the state deferred compensation plan
SB 202 - Requires authorization for certain labor unions to withhold fees from paychecks to make political contributions
SB 232 - Repeals the authority of certain cities to enforce zoning regulations up to two miles outside city limits
SB 406 - Allows certain cost recovery by electric companies for energy generation and requires utilities to pay an assessment for the Office of Public Counsel
SB 407 - Provides sufficient funding to continue the MO RX prescription drug plan
SB 408 - Extends the MO RX prescription drug plan until August 28, 2014
SB 409 - Changes state transportation aid to school districts from a categorical add-on to part of the state aid calculation
SB 410 - Requires MOSERS and MPERS to transfer funds between the retirement systems when service is transferred between the systems
SB 411 - Allows employees of the Missouri Development Finance Board to join the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System and places a moratorium on certain tax credits
SB 412 - Modifies the State Auditor's authority to examine audits of the MODOT and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System (MPERS) and the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System (MOSERS) to allow the Auditor to audit the systems
SB 413 - Modifies the State Auditor's authority to examine audits of the Public School Retirement System to allow the auditor to audit the system
SB 414 - Allows the state auditor to audit any state or local public employees' retirement system
SB 415 - Makes it a class C felony for a person on probation for a felony offense to knowingly possess a firearm
SB 416 - Exempts United States attorneys who have completed the firearms safety training course required to obtain a conceal carry endorsement from certain otherwise unlawful uses of a weapon
SB 417 - Modifies the law relating to the Second Injury Fund
SCR 4 - Requires the Board of Public Buildings to reassign rooms in the State Capitol to the General Assembly that are currently assigned to the Office of Administration
HB 73 - Enacts provisions regarding drug testing for TANF applicants and recipients and requires the benefit card to include a photo of the recipient or payee
HB 223 - Establishes the Advanced Placement Incentive Grant and the Nursing Education Incentive Program
HB 282 - Modifies provisions regarding public employee retirement
HB 434 - Restricts co-employee liability in workers' compensation cases