Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Lager

SB 187 - Modifies the laws regarding nuisances and junkyards
SB 188 - Modifies the law relating to the Missouri Human Rights Act and employment discrimination
SB 207 - Modifies provisions pertaining to energy and property taxation
SB 208 - Removes any requirement that a telecommunications company must file tariffs and exempts compliance with certain state regulations when federal regulations exist
SB 209 - Modifies telecommunications provisions relating to carrier of last resort obligations
SB 230 - Modifies provisions pertaining to natural resources
SB 231 - Prohibits a political subdivision from restricting a firefighter from engaging in certain political activities
SB 277 - Modifies the law with respect to how municipalities and the legal system treats the lawful use of motor vehicles on public roads
SB 338 - Modifies requirements of the Supreme Court to accumulate and review certain types of cases
SB 359 - Allows electric companies to recover costs from ratepayers associated with early site development for certain electrical generation facilities
SB 360 - Modifies provisions relating to rural community development
SB 391 - Requires the school board of each school district and charter school to establish an evaluation system for teachers and teaching
SB 422 - Modifies the state's renewable energy standard
SB 423 - Modifies various provisions pertaining to the regulation and protection of natural resources
SJR 20 - Limits general revenue appropriations and mandates state income tax rate reductions in certain situations
HB 89 - Modifies provisions relating to natural resources
HB 209 - Modifies the laws regarding nuisances and junkyards
HB 338 - Allows telecommunications companies to exempt themselves from filing tariffs and being subject to certain state regulations when similar federal regulations exist
HB 339 - Modifies telecommunications provisions relating to carrier of last resort obligations
HB 462 - Modifies provisions pertaining to the Office of Public Counsel, cost recovery for early site permits, and the Missouri Energy Task Force
HB 578 - Allows the state and political subdivisions to give scrap tires to businesses when the cost is less than other methods of disposal
HB 631 - Creates an income tax check-off for contributions to certain funds
HB 737 - Modifies provisions of law regarding property taxes