Bills assigned to Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections


SB 3 - Stouffer - Establishes photo identification requirements for voting and requirements for advance voting
SB 61 - Keaveny - Enacts various provisions relating to local government
SB 71 - Parson - Eliminates a requirement that banks, savings institutions, and credit unions file a certain notice with the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission and modifies other provisions relating to housing and real estate
SB 83 - Pearce - Allows for the sale of deficiency waiver addendums and other similar products with respect to certain loan transactions
SB 84 - Wright-Jones - Modifies law relating to voter registration and election offenses
SB 105 - Green - Creates an advance voting system for elections
SB 125 - Keaveny - Modifies the law relating to title loans
SB 126 - Wasson - Prohibits the MO HealthNet Division from discriminating between licensed marital family therapists and licensed professional counselors
SB 137 - Brown - Modifies provisions relating to health care professional identification badges
SB 205 - Stouffer - Creates an advance voting system for primary and general elections
SB 219 - Wasson - Allows owners of automated teller machines to charge access fees to those with bank accounts in foreign countries and gambling boats to accept credit instruments
SB 225 - Engler - Provides for nonpartisan elections of judicial candidates and forbids certain judges and candidates from engaging in political activities
SB 226 - Engler - Modifies provisions relating to emergency services
SB 266 - Dempsey - Designates the director of elections as the election authority in charter counties that do not have a board of election commissioners or a county clerk
SB 270 - Kraus - Modifies various provisions relating to public elections
SB 282 - Engler - Modifies numerous laws relating to elections
SB 284 - Wasson - Modifies the disciplinary authority of the Board of Pharmacy, defines the term legend drug for the purpose of certain pharmacy statutes, and grants exemption from sales tax for certain medical equipment and drugs
SB 303 - Engler - Modifies disciplinary and administrative procedures for professions and businesses licensed under the Division of Professional Registration, including those licensed by the Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
SB 306 - Wasson - Modifies laws relating to the administration of credit unions
SB 317 - Stouffer - Exempts securities issued by agricultural cooperative corporations from state security registration requirements
SB 318 - Dixon - Requires voter registration application forms to be distributed from Conservation offices and permit vendors authorized to issue resident hunting and fishing permits
SB 323 - Schaefer - Requires the Auditor to conduct a one-time comparative audit of selected state agencies
SB 325 - Wasson - Modifies various laws relating to professional registration
SB 326 - Wasson - Authorizes a peer review process for architects, landscape architects, land surveyors, and engineers, including providing for immunity from liability and prohibiting the disclosure of certain documents and testimony
SB 340 - Wasson - Modifies licensing requirements for funeral directors, embalmers, and funeral establishments and certain requirements for preneed funeral contracts
SB 341 - Nieves - Modifies the use of the Capitol complex grounds by non-public entities
SB 358 - Wasson - Specifies that licensed professional counseling includes the diagnosis of mental, emotional, and behavior disorders and allows the committee for professional counselors to require certain education or training in diagnostic skills
SB 365 - Goodman - Allows $9,999 in an irrevocable trust for certain funeral expenses to not be considered an asset when determining eligibility for public assistance
SB 382 - Chappelle-Nadal - Licenses clinical laboratory personnel
SB 398 - Kraus - Allows public school principals to opt out of the election authority designation that their school be used as a polling place
SB 401 - Lamping - Modifies the law relating to debt adjusters
SB 418 - Chappelle-Nadal - Establishes a paper ballot as the official ballot
SB 421 - Pearce - Bars felons from holding public office
SJR 2 - Stouffer - Allows enabling legislation for advance voting and photographic identification for voting
SJR 9 - Engler - Allows enabling legislation for photographic identification for voting
SJR 12 - Green - Limits the total service in the General Assembly to sixteen years in any proportion between the Senate and the House of Representatives
SJR 13 - Justus - Requires referenda and initiative petitions to be signed by 5% and 8% of the voters in each congressional district
HB 71 - Nasheed - Allows the City of St. Louis to establish and maintain a municipal police force completely under the city's authority
HB 83 - Nolte - Allows owners of automated teller machines to charge access fees to those with bank accounts in foreign countries
HB 107 - Smith - Modifies the manner in which vacancies are filled for statewide offices and the office of United States Senator
HB 109 - Wells - Removes a provision restricting the investment in certain linked deposits
HB 136 - Day - Allows certain military spouses to qualify for unemployment compensation and requires state agencies or boards to give temporary licenses to certain military spouses
HB 149 - Day - Eliminates the expiration date on the provision allowing an individual or corporation to credit part of a tax refund to the Missouri Military Family Relief Fund
HB 171 - Ruzicka - Allows certain third class cities to eliminate the primary elections for general municipal elections at which a mayor and councilmen are to be elected
HB 187 - Conway - Repeals a provision requiring party emblems to be printed on the ballot above the party caption and removes the February and June election dates
HB 217 - Dugger - Allows election authorities to use electronic voter identification systems and electronic signature pads to verify certain information
HB 220 - Smith - Specifies that real estate brokers and salespersons do not lose immunity from liability for certain statements by only ordering a report or inspection
HB 265 - Smith - Modifies the law regarding the licensure of certain professions
HB 287 - Brandom - Modifies provisions relating to health care professional identification badges
HB 407 - Wieland - Prohibits a person from preparing or issuing a certificate of insurance form relating to property and casualty insurance unless it has been filed with the director
HB 412 - Smith - Modifies provisions relating to pharmacy
HB 464 - McNary - Eliminates, combines, and revises certain state boards, commissions, committees, and councils
HB 465 - Wells - Modifies laws relating to the administration of credit unions
HB 503 - Dugger - Moves the presidential primary from February to March and removes the February and June election dates
HB 550 - Day - Revises the laws regarding liens and encumbrances on motor vehicles, trailers, watercraft, and manufactured homes
HB 552 - Molendorp - Modifies provisions relating to the treatment of persons with bleeding disorders
HB 591 - Lichtenegger - Authorizes the Dental Board to issue a limited teaching license
HB 661 - Wells - Modifies the law regarding debt adjusters
HB 697 - Smith - Requires the review of all administrative rules
HB 732 - Brandom - Establishes the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Act and changes the laws regarding professions and businesses regulated by the Division of Professional Registration
HB 787 - Wells - Modifies various provisions of law under the title relating to investment transactions
HJR 16 - Dugger - Modifies the number of signatures required for initiatives and referenda