Missouri State Senate

House Committee Substitute

HCS/SB 284 - This act exempts from state and local sales tax all sales of diabetic accessories and supplies, and rented medical oxygen, wheelchairs, scooters, reading machines, electronic print enlargers, electronic communication devices, and items used to modify motor vehicles for individuals with disabilities. The act also modifies the sales tax exemption for nonprescription drugs, so that nonprescription drugs prescribed by a practitioner are exempt. Any medical equipment, supplies, or devices that are ordered by a doctor, or paid for by a third-party insurer, Medicare, or Medicaid, will also be exempt from these taxes.

This act allows the Board of Pharmacy to refuse to issue a certificate of registration, permit, or license to an applicant for a pharmacy or drug distributor license if the designated pharmacist-in-charge, manager-in-charge, or any officer, owner, manager, or controlling shareholder of the applicant has committed an act that would be grounds for discipline under the Board of Pharmacy's disciplinary statute.

This act defines the term "legend drug" for the purpose of certain pharmacy laws. Legend drugs will mean any drug or biological product that is subject to a certain federal law, is required to be labeled in certain ways, or is required to be dispensed by prescription only or is restricted to use by practitioners only. The act excludes certain drugs and drug products that are being used in clinical trials.

This act has an emergency clause for the section regarding legend drugs.

This act is similar to HB 55 (2011) and HB 412 (2011).