HB 658 Reclassifies most methamphetamine precursor substances as Schedule III controlled substances requiring a prescription in order to be dispensed

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HB 658 - This act removes all methamphetamine precursor drugs except those in a liquid or liquid-filled gel capsule form from the list of Schedule IV and Schedule V controlled substances and reclassifies them to the list of Schedule III. As a result of the reclassification, a physician's prescription will be required to obtain any of these drugs except those in a liquid or liquid-filled gel capsule form.

A manufacturer of such substances may, however, request that the department of health and senior services adopt a rule to exempt such products from the Controlled Substances Act if the product is formulated to prevent its conversion into meth.

The act also specifies that current provisions regarding the required logging and recording of the sales as well as the storage of these drugs behind the counter away from public access will continue to apply to the liquid and liquid-filled gel capsule forms of these drugs.

The provisions of the act will expire August 28, 2013.


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