HB 999 Modifies provisions relating to the sex offender registration

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HCS/HB 999 - This act modifies the provisions relating to the sex offender registry.

Only information about certain registered offenders will be public under this act. Only law enforcement may view information about the other registered offenders. An offender whose information is public may petition a court to have his or her information closed to the public.

In addition, the following offenders whose information would otherwise be public, may have their information closed to the public under this act: Offenders who committed felonious restraint of a nonsexual nature and kidnapping of a nonsexual nature so long as the person meets certain conditions; federally-protected witnesses; and juveniles.

This act modifies the information required to go on the registry and the information collected from the offender. The procedures for registration and reporting requirements for offenders are also modified.

This act expands the list of offenders who may petition a court for removal from the registry. It provides restrictions on how and when the petition may be filed.


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