HB 552 Modifies provisions relating to the treatment of persons with bleeding disorders

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SCS/HCS/HB 552 - This act modifies provisions relating to the treatment of persons with bleeding disorders.


This act adds blood clotting product-related services to the list of services covered under the MO HealthNet program. (SECTION 208.152)


This act requires the State Board of Pharmacy to establish rules governing the standard of care for pharmacies dispensing blood clotting therapies. The rules shall include when feasible, the standards established by the medical advisory committees of the patient groups representing various bleeding disorders. Such rules shall include safeguards to ensure a pharmacy has the ability to (1) obtain and fill a physician prescription as written of all brands of blood clotting products approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration, (2) ship a prescription within two business days for established patients and within three business days for new patients in nonemergency situations, (3) provide established patients with access to blood clotting products within 12 hours of notification by the physician of the patient's emergent need for blood clotting products, and (4) provide all ancillary infusion equipment and supplies necessary for established patients for administration of blood clotting products.

The rules shall also require pharmacies to (1) have a pharmacist available, onsite or on call, to fill a prescription 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, (2) provide a contact telephone number to a patient to report a delivery problem, (3) notify a patient of a prescription recall or withdrawal within 24 hours of receiving the recall or withdrawal notification, and (4) provide containers and instructions for the proper disposal of waste from blood clotting products under state and federal law.

Pharmacies and pharmacists shall exercise that degree of skill and learning ordinarily exercised by members of their profession in the dispensing and distributing of blood clotting products.

These provisions are contained in HCS/HB 669 (2011).


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