HB 641 Modifies provisions relating to controlled substances

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Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

SCS/HCS/HB 641 - This act adds to the list of schedule I controlled substances several forms of stimulants, including "bath salts," and hallucinogenic synthetic cannabinoids. A definition of synthetic cannabinoids is also added to the Comprehensive Drug Control Act of 1989.

Current law provides that an analogue of a controlled substance intended for human consumption shall be treated as a schedule I controlled substance. Under this act, an analogue or homologue of any schedule I controlled substance shall be treated as a schedule I controlled substance.

This act makes it a Class A misdemeanor to possess 35 grams or less of any synthetic cannabinoid and a Class C felony to possess more than 35 grams.

Cocaine base is added to the types of controlled substances, which, when delivered or distributed near a park by a person, make the act a Class A felony.

This act contains provisions that are similar to HB 551 (2011), HB 572 (2011), and SB 254 (2011).


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