HB 402 Modifies liens for certain design professionals and the statute of limitations for lawsuits based on errors in a land survey

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Current Bill Summary

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HB 402 - Currently, architects, engineers, landscape architects, land surveyors, and corporations registered to do the work of these professions who perform work on buildings or land have a lien on the building or land to the extent of one acre. This act increases the lien to encompass three acres.

Under current law, a person must file a lawsuit based on errors in a land survey within five years of discovering the error. This act modifies this deadline to require that the lawsuit against the land surveyor be filed within ten years from the completion of the survey.

A portion of this act is similar to SB 220 (2011), SB 1074 (2008), SB 267 (2009), and SB 867 (2010).


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