HB 259 Closes certain foster care licensure records and requires the Children's Division to prepare a detailed report of specific information in the licensure process

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Current Bill Summary

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HCS/HB 259 - This act modifies the laws regarding the disclosure of certain foster care licensure information. A public governmental body can close meetings, records, and votes if they relate to personal information obtained in the process of licensing a foster home. The Children's Division within the Department of Social Services shall make available for disclosure a report containing the following information for each foster home that is licensed and for each foster home renewing an existing license:

(1) The names of all persons 18 or older licensed to operate the foster home;

(2) A description of the background investigation conducted on all persons operating or maintaining the foster home, including certain specified documentation;

(3) A description of all concerns raised during the background investigation and foster home licensure process as well as a description of how such concerns were resolved;

(4) A description of such person's ability to perform the minimum competency requirements of foster parents in accordance with rules promulgated by the division;

(5) A list of all references provided by each person, stating the name of the reference, how and when the reference was contacted, and a brief description of the reference's opinion of such person.

The report shall not contain the address of any residence, nor shall it contain any personal information not otherwise required in this subdivision which could be used by another to threaten, harm, harass, or embarrass any person.


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