HB 32 Allows the State Registrar to issue heritage birth certificates

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Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HCS/HB 32 – This act allows the State Registrar, within the Department of Health Senior Services, to create and sell Heritage Birth Certificates for a fifty dollar fee. The heritage certificates shall represent the birth of the individual named on the original record or certificate and shall be accepted as an original record.

The heritage birth certificates shall be issued in a form consistent with the need to protect the integrity of vital records and include security measures consistent with federal law. The certificates shall only be issued to individuals born in Missouri.

The fees from the sale of the heritage birth certificates shall be deposited in the state treasury with 15 dollars distributed to the general revenue fund, 10 dollars to the children's trust fund for use in supporting children in the special health care needs program, 5 dollars to provide financial assistance to shelters for victims of domestic violence, 5 dollars to the crippled children's services fund and 15 dollars to the Missouri public health services fund.

This act is similar to SB 855 (2010) and HB 1682 (2010).


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