HB 171 Allows certain third class cities to eliminate the primary elections for general municipal elections at which a mayor and councilmen are to be elected

Current Bill Summary

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HB 171 - This act allows certain third class cities organized under Sections 78.010 to 78.400, RSMo, to cancel, by order or ordinance, any primary election for the office of mayor and councilman and conduct the elections for mayor and councilman by adding all candidates to the ballot who request to be placed on it.

In order to request to be placed on the ballot, the candidate shall file with the city clerk a sworn or affirmed signed statement of candidacy, including statements that the person is a city resident, qualified voter of the city, and eligible for the office.

The names of the candidates are to appear on the ballots in the order the statements were filed with the city clerk. The ballot shall also include a warning that voting for more than the total number of candidates to be elected will invalidate the ballot.

This act is similar to a provision of CCS/HCS/SB 282 (2011).


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