HB 412
Modifies provisions relating to pharmacy
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6/10/2011 - Signed by Governor
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Emergency Clause for a certain section
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/HCS/HB 412 - This act modifies provisions of law relating to pharmacy.

Under current law, the Mo Rx prescription drug plan is set to sunset on August 28, 2011. This act provides that the plan shall expire on August 28, 2014.

This act allows the Board of Pharmacy to refuse to issue a certificate of registration, permit, or license to an applicant for a pharmacy or drug distributor license if the designated pharmacist-in-charge, manager-in-charge, or any officer, owner, manager, or controlling shareholder of the applicant has committed an act that would be grounds for discipline under the board of pharmacy's disciplinary statute.

This act defines the term "legend drug" for the purpose of certain pharmacy laws. Legend drugs will mean any drug or biological product that is subject to a certain federal law, is required to be labeled in certain ways, or is required to be dispensed by prescription only or is restricted to use by practitioners only. The act excludes certain drugs and drug products that are being used in clinical trials.

This act also modifies the authority of the board of pharmacy with regard to certain drugs used in veterinary medicine.

This act also adds a veterinarian to the advisory committee appointed by the board of pharmacy to make recommendations to it about rules and regulations dealing with drug distribution and manufacturing. The advisory committee is also required to review and make recommendations to the board of pharmacy regarding rules and regulations about veterinary legend drugs.

Businesses that only hold a class L pharmacy permit will not be required to have a pharmacist on site, except for when noncontrolled drugs for use in animals are being compounded. A pharmacist is responsible for reviewing the activities and records of class L pharmacies.

This act has an emergency clause for the section regarding legend drugs.

This act is similar to provisions of CCS/HCS/SB 284 (2011), HCS/SB 325 (2011), HCS/SB 29 (2011), HB 1814 (2010), and SCS/SB 408 & 80 (2011).